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"stunningly powerful...The performers demonstrate the vitality of art in this time.” 



Dance solo series conceived during shelter in place in New York City



Jonatan Lujan (Positive Covid-19) 

Argentinian Lockdown in New York City


Noriko Naraoka (Positive Covid-19) 

Japanese Lockdown in New York City


Winnie Asawakanjanakit (Negative Covid-19)

Thai Lockdown in New York City


Felipe Escalante (Positive Covid-19) 

Mexican Lockdown in New York City  

Liquidus is a series of inner dance experiences  lived by four dancers within different communities. These dancers have subsisted without support or relief during lockdown, either alone or with their families.


The dancers are fearing their mortality. Afraid of contracting the virus, they won’t enter hospitals. Some feel powerless to help their families and loved ones in other countries. During this time the dancers suffer from feelings of hopelessness, solitude, depression, and anger.

We are concerned about the increased gender-based violence and child molestation that have been taking place during shelter in place.  Some people have been trapped in lockdown with their abusers, fighting a real battle that could end fatally.
Our many months in lockdown have affected our bodies and minds, including our abilities to be social beings. Though we hope we might possibly emerge a better species after the pandemic ends, we also know that historically,  plagues and pestilence have never fundamentally changed human nature. 


“Gender-based violence is the most common form of violence among us and is the least reported human rights violation.” ---United Nations Spotlight Initiative.



Felix Huerta (Negative Covid-19) 

Mexican Lockdown in Querétaro City




Geoffrey Beene

Scooter LaForge

Koos van den Akker

Noriko Naraoka

Sergio Perez

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“Liquidus” has been developed through the generous support of the Ford Foundation.
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